Travel Risk Management: How Accurate Are Travel Risk Ratings and Levels?

Beware The Small Print


If like the majority of, you base your general assessment of the country or city according to some-type of threat rating you will want to see this short article before blindly basing all of your business decisions upon such tools.

This information will address the event and reporting of security or travel safety threats and just how they’re conveyed. Particularly, the gathering of information, affected audience census, aggregated indicators, qualifiers and also the real threats revealed.

Through the finish want to know , you’ll have immediate understanding that may be put on your present risk analysis methods, tools and services to make sure a far more accurate and relevant method for your company needs.


True analysis relies upon and based on demonstrable details. While a derived assessment can be a mixture of multiple factors, the baseline factors remain constant.

These details must apply to the company and also the affected assets and never a standardized assortment of threat topics representing the mean average from the world’s problems.

This data should also be reported meant for the ultimate threat/risk analysis. Rarely do finish users ever see or can be found these details however they provide greater understanding of the potency of the ultimate number or score and frequently highlight weaknesses using the assessment process. Probably the reason they’re rarely released.

Data for example accidents per person, delays per route, illnesses per census, victims of localized crime, total loss per event and time loss per disruption are key needs to the travel threat spectrum.

The information alone is inadequate unless of course related straight to the crowd where the analysis is produced for or individuals directly affected. Local occupants as well as their risk groups are rarely shared with that of vacationers, expats along with other people to an area.